Jive app (based on node.js jive-sdk) for move content in bulk between groups / spaces

This project is maintained by shahpawan


Jive app (based on node.js jive-sdk) for move content in bulk between groups / spaces

Please find my blog on Jive Community at which mentions about this add-on.

This add-on is a good example which shows how jive-sdk can be used to develop javascript node.js apps without much complex frameworks.


App location and initial view with two panes for blogs posts and al other content types

Showing all other content types on second pane

Showing the progress / status post processing

About the app

Supported Jive versions

App link location

Displayed on the place tab as per app action mentioned here -->

The app in space does not show content from subspaces right now. Admin has to go to the particular sub space and access move content app there.

Supported content move flows

Supported content types

How To...

Getting started with Jive node sdk

Please refer Jive's official document at

Steps to install move content app

Assuming you ave gone through the above documentation from Jive

  1. Checkout the code
  2. put your node.js jive-sdk server's url in jiveclientconfiguration.json
  3. run command "npm update" to download all the dependencies of this app.
  4. Run command "node app" which will start the server and also generate an
  5. Upload the to you Jive instance as mentioned in this offical jive document --> The move content app is now ready to use.

Selecting the target place

Though the app right now is displayed in spaces as well as group, the place picker in the app to select target place supports only group by default. Here are the code changes required to show space in the target place picker

How to add/remove content type to display in the app?

The supported content types are in an array called SUPPORTED_CONTENT_TYPES in movecontent.js

How to change number of content ti display on one page?

Change the var ITEMS_PER_PAGE in movecontent.js. Default is 50

Known issue

Some content fail to move on first attempt

I have seen an issue with jive's javascript api / REST api where too many simulteneous calls gives a 500 internal error for some contents. But they get moved in next attempt. So I have made the app's ui intuitive to show the progress of passed / failed content along with the usual spinner :)

After processing all content the app shows you a nice view of passed failed content and other option to refresh . show new content. If you do find any failure then just click the green color Refresh content button within the app and move the new displayed content. There are high chances the content will be moved.

Some FYIs

Retaining the list of collaborators while moving a content.

Categories for a content

Why a separate pane for blog posts

Internally all content types in a place are directly linked with that group, but the blog posts are not. Blogs posts are linked to a place of type BLOG which is then linked to the parent group. So to avoid complexity, I have kept two views for blog posts and all other content types